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A focused and well-executed branded content strategy can help highlight and differentiate your company as a trusted source for relevant information. Gaining that trust is key to communicating the value of your products and services. The C&EN BrandLab specializes in delivering a variety of custom content solutions uniquely tailored to meet your specific goals and appeal to the scientific community across a wide range of media platforms. 

Native Ads – In Print

Your native advertising will be featured among C&EN’s editorial content readers trust in our weekly newsmagazine. Utilize C&EN BrandLab’s custom designs, trained science writers, and expert account managers to build an engaging print spread.

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Native Ads – Online

Sponsored content on cen.acs.org is presented alongside standard editorial on home pages, with quick access to the full story. Our Cannabis Chemistry piece generated over 1 million impressions. Plus, it’s searchable and evergreen, making sure your content will perform past the initial campaign run.

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Multi-sponsor Opportunities

C&EN BrandLab advertorials function very similarly to larger native advertising campaigns, but have the option to be either exclusive sponsorships, or mutli-sponsor participation. Our story on Cannabis Chemistry is a great example, as it was meant to feature a number of innovative companies in the space.

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Quizzes, Infographics, Multimedia

Engage even more directly with our audience with quizzes, infographics, and other multimedia projects. These units are perfect options to accompany native advertising campaigns. Further your ROI by generating leads with a quiz, and increase engagement on social media.

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Print Display Advertising

Distributed to the members of the American Chemical Society, the largest scientific society of the world, our award-winning weekly print magazine simply helps chemists do their jobs, be it at the bench, or as CEO. The print magazine alone has over 106,000 subscribers, with a pass-along readership of over 300,000.
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cen.acs.org & pubs.acs.org Display Ads

With an average of over 222,000 unique visitors each month on C&EN, and over 2.1 million unique visitors on ACS Publications, our suite of online publications attracts more industry researchers and scientists than any other online chemistry publication in the world.
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Whitepapers and eBooks

Combine a custom content initiative with a lead generation play. Work with C&EN to create a custom whitepaper, or provide your own. You can showcase your interest and expertise while providing readers the valuable information they seek.

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Provide audible information relevant to your audience in conjunction with written whitepapers, either as stand-alone events, or as part of a larger content marketing strategy. You can also choose from C&EN BrandLab copywriters, or provide supplied materials to collaborate on.

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