What Is BrandLab?

We turn scientific insights into compelling stories.

With accuracy, transparency and integrity.


C&EN BrandLab specializes in creating effective and engaging content for a global scientific audience. We utilize your scientific insights to craft custom marketing solutions that allow your brand stories to resonate, drive customer action and ultimately, produce profitable outcomes.

Think of BrandLab as your in-house agency committed to achieving your marketing goals. Watch our video to learn more.

We can help establish a brand presence with laboratory purchase decision makers, position your company as an empirical thought leader, introduce innovative contributions to scientific fields of study, and much more. With our strong and engaged audience of C&EN magazine readers and ACS Publications authors and researchers, we can share your brand story with the audience that matters. Our capture and analysis of engagement data also allow us to provide you key insights concerning the impact of your marketing efforts.

Meet the Team.

Who is C&EN BrandLab?

Learn more about the people behind our big ideas and marketing execution.

Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D.

Executive Editor, Branded Content

Dr. Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay, who holds a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, is a skilled storyteller. She has been a writer and editor for ACS Publications’ own Analytical Chemistry journal, a freelance writer for C&EN and Chemistry World, and ASBMB Today’s managing editor.

With her accolades and more, she is excited to lead C&EN BrandLab and to work with clients in developing and delivering their own unique narratives.

Jeffrey Lee
Senior Editor, C&EN BrandLab

Jeff is the content editor and project manager for C&EN BrandLab projects. He is a seasoned content marketer and journalist with a unique knack for creating compelling, engaging content, especially for niche B2B segments. He’s deft at defining and achieving strategic goals for clients, and he produces innovative, high-quality custom content that inspires his audiences. Jeff has served as an editor for several publications, including Architect magazine, and has more than six years of experience in content marketing. 

Stephanie Holland

Assistant Director, Global Advertising Sales

Stephanie Holland leads the advertising sales and business development initiatives for C&EN, with over 12 years experience in digital media, marketing, and business development. She is passionate about media and is keenly interested in how traditional media continues to evolve, and how C&EN Media Group can bring its advertisers along with its evolution. Most recently, she received a FOLIO: Top 100 award, which is given to innovative media professionals.

Kirsten Dobson
Marketing Account Manager, C&EN BrandLab

Kirsten has been with the American Chemical Society for over seven years. Her knowledge of member needs, plus marketing instincts and experience, has been a strong asset for clients, guiding them to the results that impact their revenue and overall marketing strategies. She has also led successful initiatives that bring C&EN and its advertising to life, such as the C&EN Chemistry in Pictures Tumblr blog, C&EN’s Talented 12 events, our onsite publications production, surveys, interactive quizzes, and other reader-centric events.

Natalia Bokhari
Digital Advertising Operations Manager

Natalia joined C&EN Media Group in 2013 to manage our lead generation and digital programs, making them the highly successful programs they are today. Natalia works closely with clients to brainstorm unique ideas for their content through integrated marketing campaigns that include digital advertising, print ads, whitepapers, quizzes, social media campaigns, and more. Her insight and knowledge of the media landscape has helped us deliver successful campaigns for our clients – delivering KPIs well beyond their run dates.

Sondra Hadden
Sr. Marketing & Content Strategy Manager, C&EN

Sondra has experience creating event programming for life sciences conferences, as well as editorial and marketing work in fundraising and healthcare. Now she focuses on marketing solutions for advertisers and leads reader engagement strategies for C&EN. Intimately familiar with the ROI of content marketing, she also manages our award-winning blog, C&EN Marketing Elements. She has held speaking engagements on social media advertising, content marketing, and sales strategies.

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