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The trusted news source for the scientific community.

Scientific professionals rely on the C&EN newsmagazine and cen.acs.org for research and analysis to do their jobs. C&EN’s integrated network with ACS Publications and the American Chemical Society attracts more than 25 million scientists, engineers and R&D professionals around the globe –  an audience that you can’t reach anywhere else.

Content creation services provided by C&EN BrandLab extend the reach of your company even further, with innovative advertising strategies. From ultra-targeted campaigns by product or focus area, to the distribution to the entire C&EN network, C&EN BrandLab has the expertise, channels, and engagement to take your campaign to the next level.

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Why Partner with C&EN BrandLab

Brand Consultation.

You get access to our strategists to work directly on your brand.

Scientific Accuracy.

Our storytellers – scientists and researchers – draw on decades of experience.

Turnkey Execution.

We write, edit and distribute content; truly an extension
of your team.

Unparalleled Audience.

We offer ACS as a platform to reach purchasing decision-makers

A Prime Environment.

Our publishing ecosystem can provide your content a brand halo effect.

Return on Investment.

Our full-service offering provides effective performance and owned assets.

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