Managing Your Brand through M&A

How can brand managers build reputation and preference for a new market entity? In this case study, we explore how we helped Chemours achieve a rapid increase in brand preference through an innovative trends-based content campaign.

Defining Chemours’ Business Challenge

C&EN and Chemours tackled a common challenge after the company’s spin-off from the recent Dow and DuPont merger: developing a positive reputation - and purchasing preference - for a new brand.For Chemours, a “200-year old start-up,” to succeed, we knew we would have to devise a plan to continually attract buyers and influencers over several months. In addition, we would have to create high-interest material to show that Chemours was a viable solution to our audience’s challenges. We were charged with answering these questions:

How can we rapidly develop a reputation for a new brand?
How can we attract the right buyers and buying influencers?
What should we do to progressively build relationships?

Our Approach

Building Brand Reputation through Thought-Leadership & Quality Custom Content

Find the Right Prospects.

C&EN and Chemours defined chemical product purchasers as the top target for the campaign. C&EN directed its content and distribution efforts to this audience.

Attract Prospects with High-Value Content.

C&EN wrote nine in-depth articles for Chemours’ target audience as part of a Future of Chemistry content series. In each article, a Chemours thought leader gave a unique perspective on how chemical applications would have an impact on future generations.

Employ a Multi-Faceted Audience Development Plan.

C&EN leveraged direct marketing, search and social traffic to ensure it was pulling buyers into Chemours’ campaign from across the web.

The Program

The Future of Chemistry Series
C&EN developed a 9-part dynamic custom content and graphics campaign, The Future of Chemistry series. Featured in print and online, the series detailed the impact chemistry will have on future generations, markets, and products. Beyond the C&EN BrandLab team researching, writing and publishing content highlighting Chemours’ brand strengths, C&EN created a cohesive and recognizable design throughout all elements.


By employing the best practices of understanding and serving our target audience, we were able to generate significant results for Chemours (including serving nearly 7mm impressions for the campaign). These results were tracked through on-site analytics, in addition to three benchmark surveys run across the campaign.

The Right Prospects
Of readers of this campaign were involved in the purchasing process
Reputational Progress
The Chemours Company’s campaign generated 3x the engagement of C&EN’s average article
Business Results
Growth in readers who said “I Would Like to Do Business with Chemours”

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