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Why Partner with C&EN BrandLab

C&EN BrandLab specializes in creating effective and engaging content for a global scientific audience. We utilize your scientific insights to craft custom marketing solutions that allow your brand stories to resonate, drive customer action and ultimately, produce profitable outcomes.


Brand Consultation

You get access to our strategists to work directly on your brand.


Scientific Accuracy

Our storytellers – scientists and researchers – draw on decades of experience.


Turnkey Execution

We write, edit and distribute content; truly an extension of your team.


Unparalleled Audience

We offer ACS as a platform to reach purchasing decision-makers.


A Prime Environment

Our publishing ecosystem can provide your content a brand halo effect.


Return on Investment

Our full-service offering provides effective performance and owned assets.

The BrandLab Team

Learn more about the people behind our big ideas and marketing execution.

Jeffrey Lee

Stephanie Holland

Director, Global Ad Sales & Sponsorships

Stephanie Holland leads the advertising sales and business development initiatives for C&EN, with over 15 years experience in digital media, marketing, and business development. She is passionate about media and is keenly interested in how traditional media continues to evolve, and how C&EN Media Group can bring its advertisers along with its evolution. Most recently, she received a FOLIO: Top 100 award, which is given to innovative media professionals, as well as induction into FOLIO’s Digital Hall of Fame.

Jeffrey Lee

Erika Gebel Berg, Ph.D.

Executive Editor

As Executive Editor, Erika helps ensure the content delivered by C&EN BrandLab is scientifically accurate, insightful, and engaging. Erika holds a double major in biochemistry and history of science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She began freelancing while studying to get her Ph.D. in biophysics at the Johns Hopkins University, and has included major newspapers, scientific journals, and news magazines, including C&EN, as clients. Erika also spent a summer at the Philadelphia Inquirer as a AAAS mass media fellow. In addition to her freelancing business, Erika worked at the American Diabetes Association, first as science writer for Diabetes Forecast, and then as Director of Medical Affairs, where her goal was to enhance the reach and clarity of ADA’s flagship clinical guidance.

Jeffrey Lee

Melissae Stuart, Ph.D.

Senior Editor

As Senior Editor, Melissae helps ensure the content delivered by C&EN BrandLab is scientifically accurate, insightful, and engaging. She has a decade of experience in science communication, working as science journalist, in media relations, and in institutional communications. Melissae is passionate about sharing the wonder of chemistry through accessible multimedia storytelling and excels at supporting projects from ideation through production to publication. She holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis and a certificate in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Jeffrey Lee

Rose S.

Senior Account & Marketing Manager

Rose is an account manager here at C&EN BrandLab. She works with our clients, art and production teams within C&EN to deliver effective ad campaigns.

Jeffrey Lee

Laura Quinones

Associate Account & Marketing Manager

Laura works with clients, art, and production teams to create engaging content for a global scientific audience. She has helped deliver successful campaigns according to client needs and objectives.

Jeffrey Lee

Natalia Bokhari

Digital Advertising Operations Manager

Natalia joined C&EN Media Group in 2013 to manage our lead generation and digital programs, making them the highly successful programs they are today. Natalia works closely with clients to brainstorm unique ideas for their content through integrated marketing campaigns that include digital advertising, print ads, whitepapers, quizzes, social media campaigns, and more. Her insight and knowledge of the media landscape has helped us deliver successful campaigns for our clients – delivering KPIs well beyond their run dates.

Jeffrey Lee

Kay Youn

Art Director, C&EN BrandLab

Kay Youn is a result driven, self-motivated and resourceful Sr. Art Director/Graphic & Interactive Designer with an ability to successfully translate desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into imagery. His multi-disciplinary skillset offers seamless interplay between art direction, UI/UX, design and technical development, whilst his meticulous approach to detail ensures a highly-refined end product. He holds a BFA in Visual Communication Design from SUNY at Buffalo and an MFA in Graphic & Interactive Design from Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

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