Increasing Brand Affinity with Compelling & Interactive Content

Following a successful collaboration with C&EN BrandLab in 2017 on the The Chemours Company’s native series, “The Future of Chemistry”, the company knew a content strategy would increase brand affinity in 2018.

Defining Momentum for a Brand:

The Chemours Company and its PR agency, Ogilvy, wanted to create an immersive storytelling experience, including multimedia components, that would make for content that was highly clickable, shareable, and sticky for readers. So C&EN BrandLab and Ogilvy collaborated on the development of the The Chemistry of Delight series, which offered opportunities for interactive and engaging content. The activities covered in the print series became animations, infographics, and slideshows online. All the while, driving efforts against The Chemours Company’s business goals:

Create a ripple effect for products and showcase the strengths of The Chemours Company’s core brands at the product level
Showcase The Chemours Company as a thought leader in the area of specialty chemicals
Validate the importance and value of chemistry

Our Approach to Immersive Storytelling:

Custom Graphics & Quality Content

Match Compelling Design and Storytelling to the Brand.

C&EN BrandLab developed a six-part series that delved into the chemicals and materials that make leisure activities possible, including sports and recreation. Each article had tie-ins with products in The Chemours Company’s portfolio, as well as custom illustrations and graphics.

Employ a Multi-Faceted, Multimedia Approach.

C&EN BrandLab developed mobile and desktop experiences, providing enhanced storytelling online. Rich custom graphics, multimedia units, gifs, animated charts and more kept users not only engaged, but also informed.

Be Relevant. Align with Topical Themes & Events.

Articles paid homage to the ways in which our leisure time is made possible by chemistry. The year-long campaign strategically published articles that were timely alongside global events and happenings across the chemical enterprise.

The Program

C&EN BrandLab developed a monthly branded feature that presented an interactive, detailed, and thought-provoking look at the chemical processes and materials that make up and influence a leisure activity.

The articles also explored future chemical and technological advances that will affect the way these materials and products are manufactured, their environmental impact, or simply the way we experience the world around us.

C&EN BrandLab then distributed the content through customized experiences online and in print. Enhanced online storytelling tactics led to increasing readers’ time on site by 3.5X the average C&EN article.


With millions of impressions and over 21,000 pageviews, The Chemistry of Delight campaign delivered not only impressive marketing metrics, but true business results. These results were tracked through on-site analytics, in addition to three benchmark surveys run across the campaign.

The Chemours Company’s campaign generated 3.5x the engagement of C&EN’s average article.
Of survey respondents said they learned something new about The Chemours Company from these articles.
Of readers were more likely to consider using The Chemours Company for their industrial chemical needs after reading these articles.

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