Champion & Celebrate Diversity in Chemistry

Pfizer partnered with C&EN BrandLab on a crowdsourced social media campaign to highlight and celebrate women in chemistry. Scroll through to learn their goals, how our custom content studio could reach an engaged audience with their mission, and the positive results from this diversity in chemistry campaign.

Celebrating Women in Chemistry

Pfizer has committed its diverse workforce to the research and development of medicines and vaccines that benefit patients globally, and the medicinal chemistry leadership at Pfizer was interested in celebrating International Women’s Day in 2020. By demonstrating the company’s dedication to supporting scientists from all walks of life, Pfizer could also target and recruit design chemists to join their organization.

C&EN BrandLab partnered with Pfizer to:

Celebrate and champion women in science
Reach and network with talented design chemists at the ACS National Meeting
Showcase Pfizer’s commitment to supporting underrepresented communities and hiring a diverse workforce
Drive engagement to their ‘Get Science’ blog and Pfizer Careers

Our approach:

A crowdsourced social media campaign to highlight and celebrate women in chemistry

Time the celebration

Leading up to International Women's Day on March 8, C&EN BrandLab launched a sponsored social media campaign with amplified distribution across C&EN and ACS social media platforms

Engage the community

The campaign asked C&EN readers and the broader chemistry community to nominate a female chemist they admire, for recognition in a month-long celebration of female chemists in March

Curate and celebrate

Peer and self-nominations were reviewed by C&EN BrandLab staff for inclusion in a curated Twitter thread, as well as posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Each day of March highlighted a different female chemist from different industries and regions

As a single mother, Lisa put herself through college, while working full time and raising two daughters, to become a chemist. She has risen through the ranks from bench chemist to Vice President of PAC, an analytical instrument company. She exemplifies all that women can achieve through perseverance and hard work, while also championing those around her.
-Elise Fox, Engineer, Savannah River National Laboratory, Nominator for Lisa Houston

The program

The campaign directed users through the nominations process with branded, custom landing pages. Pfizer was featured throughout all promotional materials, with additional branding and messaging to learn more about the company's mission.

Nominations came from far and wide, from academia, government, and industry; from students in labs, to executives at industry leading companies. Both men and women participated to nominate chemists they admired, which was an important goal, as well as senior and notable scientists in all sectors of the global chemistry enterprise. The result was a diverse and powerful group of female chemists to celebrate.

Just a few of the notable organizations represented include: Patagonia, Bristol Myers Squibb, Genentech, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, Institut Neel - CNRS France, and US Naval Research Lab.


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