Improving Campaign Metrics: How Science Marketers Can Get More for their Money

With a combination of content creation and A/B testing, Ashland was about to get more than 2x the return for its most recent campaign with C&EN.

Defining Ashlands Business Challenge

Can a company change how it’s investing its advertising budget to get a better return? C&EN and Ashland explored how the company could adapt its approach to find more attractive results in advancing Ashland’s reputation. C&EN devised a plan to create a custom content campaign to highlight lesser-known markets -- pharma and environment -- and demonstrate Ashland’s commitment to customer integrity and profitability.

How can we build Ashland’s reputation?
How can we gain traction in pharma & environmental markets?
What steps can we take to get better ROI from our ad budget?

Our Approach

Better Advertising ROI: Custom Content and Audience Development

Know What Makes Your Audience Tick (and Click).

C&EN helped Ashland uncover content topics that its target audience would engage with, driving 2x the pageviews of C&EN’s editorial average.

Demand Attention with Premium Positioning.

C&EN carved out the most high-impact advertising units to promote Ashland’s advertising and content, ensuring the company would be front and center.

Ask for the Action You Want.

C&EN conducted in-depth A/B testing to determine what calls to action were most effective to drive clicks to Ashland ads and content, which Ashland can use to improve future campaigns.

“I need information, and an article gives it to me. It also makes me actually know what the company is all about. I think this is important for highly technical companies because their particular niche can be complex.”
Ashland Post-Campaign Survey Respondent

The Program

The campaign was focused on creating editorial-quality content that would be of interest and helpful to its target audience. The full-service custom content campaign, addressed sustainable advancements in key Ashland product areas: (electric cars, energy storage, and battery safety).
Visuals such as Mmaps and product graphics were used to keep audience attention throughout the content.


In the case of Ashland, experimenting with tactics greatly enhanced the outcome of the company’s campaign. These results were tracked through on-site analytics, in addition to benchmark surveys run across the campaign.

Reach and Impact
Said They Learned Something about Ashland (vs. 31% via Ads)
Demonstrable Improvement
CTR - a Major Improvement Over Industry Benchmarks
Business Results
Said Reading Ashland Content Increased Likelihood of Buying (vs. 23% via Ads)

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