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Gold Winner:
AM&P's EXCEL Award: Promotional Content in an Advertising Campaign for the Chemistry of Delight series for The Chemours Company

AM&P's The EXTRA! Award, presented to associations pushing the edge of the envelope to innovate in an ever-changing publishing environment

Digiday's Content Marketing Awards for Best Content Marketing Agency


Bronze Winner:
AM&P's EXCEL Award for Promotional Content, Advertisement for C&EN BrandLab’s “New Technology Promises Greener Chemistry” for IKA

Digiday's Publishing Awards for Best Branded Content Program (B2B) for The Future of Chemistry Series for The Chemours Company

FOLIO: Eddie and Ozzie Awards for "New Technology Promises Greener Chemistry" for IKA; and "The Future of Chemistry" series for The Chemours Company

These... nominations are particularly exciting, as it gives companies in the chemical enterprise an important visibility among mainstream consumer brands. All brands have a story to tell. It’s no different in the sciences.
Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D., the executive editor of C&EN BrandLab

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