How to Build a Qualified Sales Pipeline for a New Product Launch

IKA’s new lab equipment could change the industry. But first, the right influencers need to know about it. So how could we launch a product to the market, make a splash, and keep it going? IKA’s never-before-seen product -- revolutionary next-generation lab equipment -- needed a platform to drive excitement, credibility and buzz. C&EN BrandLab worked with IKA to create a tangible market moment, reeling in more than 1,000 potential buyers. - and creating longevity for future campaigns. With lots at stake, the company had to make the moment last, generating interest after the initial launch push.

C&EN BrandLab was charged with solving these questions to address IKA’s business challenge:

How can IKA bring a new product to market?
How can we create a buzz-worthy moment?
How do we keep the momentum going?

Our Approach

Making a Lasting Splash: A High-Profile Event and Custom Content

Create a Market Moment.

C&EN worked with IKA to plan a star-studded keynote at the ACS National Meeting. Marketing for the keynote -- and targeted audience outreach -- teased the product’s upcoming reveal and succeeded in recruiting high caliber prospects for IKA’s business.

Cover It Like a Journalist.

C&EN deployed a BrandLab reporter to cover the event. The reporter interviewed the celebrity speaker, Phil Baran of the Scripps Research Insititute , and early adopters of the technology and wrote extensively about the launch, brand story, and science behind the product. This created content - and engagement - outside of the event.

Distribute Everywhere.

C&EN’s BrandLab coverage sparked investment in other high visibility channels. IKA leveraged a livestream of the event to promote the launch even further, which was then incorporated in C&EN’s sponsored content and distributed to our audience.

The Program

IKA’s integrated program included a custom keynote event and presentation unveiling the new product at the ACS National Meeting, introduced by C&EN’s editor-in-chief, Bibiana Campos Seijo. Post-event custom content creation and promotion extended the shelf life of the event, and was supported by a full service marketing program.


As planned, IKA’s campaign produced ripple effects far beyond the launch announcement. While more than 1,500 qualified science professionals watched the event live in person or on livestream, an additional 700,000 engaged with the content after the event.

Registrants -- and Buyer Data.
Advance event registrations, providing full CRM data
Live Digital Engagement
Livestream viewers
Massive Campaign Extension
Impressions to post-event content, amplifying initial event reach

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